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Working your KOR

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Do you own an exercise ball?  If you don’t, this post is for you! We explain all the health benefits one little exercise ball can provide, so keep reading!

The key benefits of using an exercise ball are muscle tone, flexibility, muscle balance, *posture and improved core stability.

Let’s get more specific!

Muscle balance

Muscle balance is such an important thing to remember when you’re starting any workout regime! How does an exercise ball help with muscle balance? It’s the solution! An exercise ball supports the lower during training, and the lower back is ALWAYS your most unworked out muscle. A muscle imbalance is caused when one muscle group is stronger than the other. Your front muscles are used more commonly during the day naturally, like when you need to lift something, or walk. You rarely use your back muscles unless you’re working out.

Core stability

I’m sure you’ve heard over and over how important it is to work out your core, and that’s absolutely true! Your core is essentially all the muscles in your body that work to support and stabilize your movements. Here are the key muscles in this group are you back muscles and your abdominals. These muscles work in unison to help protect your spine and daily activities like bending, reaching, running, lifting, and throwing. An exercise ball helps to reach these sometimes hard to get muscles by just sitting on it! Sitting on an exercise ball helps to stabilize these muscles and also helps you improve your posture!

* Posture – our favorite benefit of an exercise ball!

Maintaining good posture has always had an ascetic appeal to us.

Are you a slumper? It’s okay, sometimes we are too, but here’s what helped us … an exercise ball! When you sit on an exercise ball, you’re forced to sit with good posture. You have a natural curve to your spine that can be flattened when you sit in chairs, or sit on the floor, or even a workout bench. Help protect your spine by sitting on an exercise ball as often as you can!

Back and spine health

Do you have back problems? An exercise ball is the answer! An exercise ball is perfect for supporting your lower back during exercises. It’s no wonder it’s so popular with physical therapist and chiropractors, it helps to relieve strains and injuries by just simply sitting on it!

Now that you’re privy to the many health benefits of owning an exercise ball, are you ready to commit and make the purchase? Bonus, you don’t even have to purchase an exercise ball because most gyms already have plenty to use!

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What’s your favorite health benefit of using an exercise ball? Let us know in the comments below!

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